Chronicle of Dungeon Maker
September 28, 2006
66 MB
Playstation Portable
Chronicle of Dungeon Maker
クロニクル オブ ダンジョンメーカー

Chronicle of Dungeon Maker is an action RPG with the middle ages-like fantasy as the theme. The main character is a builder. A normal RPG requires the exploring of dungeons and fighting monsters to acquire gold and items, but the main character of this game has to build a dungeon on owned land to attract monsters to move in, and then defeat them to acquire various items. The battle action with the monsters uses a special combat system that anybody can easily get the hang of. As long as the combat target is locked on, press the respective action buttons to activate attacks. But victory is not so easily gained as to diminish the gaming fun, as the relationships between the opponents have to be considered in combat too.

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